Main "Are you Sam?"

A sip of cappuccino.
I wait for an answer.

The note gets unfolded.
"Listen to this."

Story Mapping

You’ve read, no doubt, a book or an article that falls flat. Maybe it’s confusing. Maybe it’s anticlimactic. Maybe the writing is good, but the plot is anything but good. It can be unbearable to read. It can be no fun to write. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the case – ever. The missing element can usually be traced back to lack of story development or story planning. We call it story mapping, and we do it on each writing project – before a single word is ever written.

Main "'Tap. Tap. Tap.

Each letter. Each word.
Each sentence. Each night.

I hear your
love-letter typewriter.'"


Dry is never a good adjective for a book or a script, for an article, or even for a business folio. If you ever had to use dry to describe something you’ve read, your experience certainly wasn’t good. People’s time is too valuable to be wasted on dry. Good writing is never dry. Our writing is good – always. Here’s our secret. A strong writer brings a unique set of skills, interests, and style to a project. We know how to match strong writers to particular clients or projects. It’s simple. It works. We’re good at it.

Main "Are you Sam?"

"Shh. Listen.
'I imagine love letters.
In secret.'"

"Are you Sam?"


A piece of writing edited poorly or not edited at all is shocking. It can hurt to read it. No one needs to be subjected to that kind of experience…and never will if what they’re reading has come from Artisan Creative Group. Here’s why. We believe that artful editing is a craft, one that we’ve honed well. It is woven throughout yet is always unobtrusive and humble. Done well – you’ll never notice it. Done poorly – well, enough said.

Main A small dog on a leash
charges at my leg.

Its owner pulls it back.
I smile. She smiles. I turn.

"'Please. Be careful. They know.'"
The note ends.

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