Main A sudden gust of wind.
The pages of the book turn.

A crowd on the sidewalk
files by the café tables.

A tall man drops
a magazine at my feet.


The first step to creating an outstanding magazine or business folio is to have an outstanding editorial plan. It’s more than vision. It also involves execution, actually generating engaging content. It can be stressful. It’s certainly been known to keep good people up at night. The deal is this: it doesn’t have to be stressful. The secret is simple. Create a solid editorial plan. Then turn that plan into action. We’re here to help. We’re happy to consult. We’re also happy to make it all happen for you.

Main He stops.
He doesn't look up.

He speaks softly.
"Excuse me."

He starts to bend down.
Not quickly enough.


It’s been said before. It bears repeating. A magazine or business folio is only as strong as its design. Bad design has a negative subconscious impact on readers. It can cost you their loyalty; it can waste your money. Some of you get this. Unfortunately some of you may have experienced this. There’s no need to have this happen on your next project. We know good design. We honor it. And we always go to bat for it.

Main The person next to me
reaches the magazine first.

I study the tall man.
Only a moment.
Though slightly too long.

"Thank you."
He walks away briskly.

Printing & Distribution

The quality of a piece of stationary speaks volumes about its owner. The same can be said about the quality of the printing of your magazine or business folio. Paper choice, binding, aesthetics. These are integral to good printing. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It simply needs to be honored and carried out by artisans – craftspeople who are passionate about their work – like the folks who work with Artisan Creative Group. We also consult on distribution. All of this to ensure an amazing experience for you.

Main The person next to me.
With a satisfied smile.

On the book.
A folded piece of stationary.

Two words typed on the back:
To Sam.

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