Main "Meet me at the café."

"How will I know you?"

"Sunglasses, blue scarf, and...
a real book."

Content Development

You know how it feels. You’ve got a great idea for a book, but you just don’t know how to make it happen. Maybe it’s writer’s block. Maybe it’s just lack of knowledge about how to write a book. Don’t get discouraged. It happens. Good ideas become great books through a process we call content development. It involves exploring, planning, writing, and editing. We’ve been told we’re pretty good at it.

Main A small café table.
Sunglasses. Blue scarf.
One real book.

This is the person.
I sit.

Our chairs face
the busy sidewalk.

Book Design

You’ve seen it before. Maybe even with your own book. Lackluster cover design and interior design that actually makes it difficult to read the content. It can be disappointing and frustrating. The solution? Turn to those who know. We like to think we know a little something about book design. We know that a great book is more than just a great story. It’s a great story supported by great design. We know something else, too. We know how to make great design happen and how to use it to make great books for you.

Main No welcome. No hello.
A little odd.

I look at the open book.
Yellow cover. Nice paper.

Then a voice:
"You're a book person, too."

Book Printing

If you’re a book person, you get it. You can have a poor experience reading a book, and it have nothing to do with its story or design. It happens. The reason? Poor printing choices. Those who consider a book finished once the story is written and the book designed do a disservice to the craft of the book. How a book is printed is critically important. It’s more than putting ink to paper. It calls for understanding audience, appreciating the tactile and visual aesthetics that come out of the relationship between paper, binding, cover, story, and design. We honor the craft of the book. We are, after all, book people through and through.

Main I smile and look at
this person next to me.


A connection.
Two cappuccinos appear.

Sales and Distribution

Have you ever felt all dressed up with no place to go? It’s an odd feeling. Even uncomfortable. It’s the same feeling that can happen when you’ve no plan for selling or distributing your book. It’s not uncommon. The good news is that you don’t have to stay in that limbo. We offer a consulting service that focuses on getting your books into the sales and distribution channels. Work with us and we’ll be sure you have plenty of places to go, dressed up and with your new book in hand!

Main In the golden sunlight,
I listen. I watch.

A story about to unfold.
The question on my lips.

"Who are you?"

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